Thursday 29 January 2015

How to dominate lag with the Duma, the BIG picture


This document will run you through the steps to diagnose and control lag using your Netduma R1. If you'd like a slightly more technical explanation of what lag is please read this.

I start of by explaining where delays(the root cause of lag) are introduced on the Internet. Then I run you through a simple 4 step process to control those delays.

Where are packet delays introduced?

There are 4 places where delay can be introduced on the Internet. The first three are illustrated in figure 1. The blue line shows the path a packet takes from your home to the other player. The three red circles mark points where delay can occur:

  1. If someone or a device is downloading/uploading heavily it can cause delay at your home
  2. The distance a packet has to travel across the Internet
  3. If the person you're connected to is downloading or uploading heavily it can cause delay
Just to clarify in points 1 and 2 its not your ISP making you lag. Its yourself or the people you live with that's doing it. 

Figure 1. Delay points on the Internet.

The fourth potential cause of delay is if there is a signal or configuration problem in your local area.

Steps to Diagnose & control lag  

How to dominate lag - Step A 

We need to determine if its a signal or configuration problem. You can do this on the Duma by selecting "Internet Diagnosis" on the main menu and clicking "Run Test". If the results are below "ok" you likely have an issue with your Internet.  I'd recommend you call your local ISP and use the information in the "Details" button to let them know there is an issue.

If the results are good jump to Step B.

How to dominate lag - Step B

We need to determine if its other people at your home are making you lag. This is a simple task please select "Network Monitor" on the Dumas main menu. You'll see two graphs illustrating your current network usage.

The utilisation bars above the graph show how much of your connection is being used. If either of them ever goes above 70%, then this means other people at your home could be making you lag. Please see the Congestion control manual to combat this.

How to dominate lag - Step C

If the Geo-filter is supported for your game. The Duma can be used to stop you connecting to players that are too far away.  Therefore eliminating cause number 2 of delay. See the Geo-filter manual.

How to dominate lag - Step D

After following steps A,B and C you should have control over the causes 1,2 and 4 of lag. So all that is left is cause number 3. That is connecting to other players or hosts with a bad connection. The solution here is simple use the allow & deny feature to stop you connecting to them. See the Allow & Deny manual.